CBS 4 Denver reports an alleged plot to assasinate Obama

Three men have been arrested by Denver police related to a possible plot to assassinate Sen. Barack Obama at his acceptance speech at Invesco Field on Thursday, Aug.28.

According to CBS4 Denver, and law enforcement officials, the potential plot began to unravel when on Sunday, Aug.24, police arrested 28 year old Tharin Gartrell after he was stopped by Aurora police in a routine traffic stop as he drove a rented truck. When they searched the vehicle, they found a bulletproof vest, two rifles with ammo, walkie talkies and drugs, two wigs, a rifle scope, fake ids and camouflage gear.

Based on information obtained, police then went after another individual, 33-year old Shaun Robert Adolph who as police closed in, jumped from the 6th floor window of a Glendale, Colorado hotel in an effort to flee. Authorities said he wore a ring with a swastika on his hand when arrested. he was staying at attempting to evade arrest, however, he was eventually apprehended.

32-year old Nathan Johnson, also one of the suspects currently being held at the Denver Jail told CBS4 that said his friends did not want Sen. Obama to be president and "did not believe Blacks belong in office."
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