Take Another Look - actress and singer Tatyana Ali

I spoke with the beautiful actress, singer and Obama supporter Tatyana Ali at INVESCO Field on Aug.28 at Sen. Barack Obama's speech. She said she plans to vote she is confident that many young people will turn out for the Nov. 4th 2008 election. Tatyana has been traveling the country on behalf of the Obama campaign to college campuses encouraging voter registration.

“I think young people have showed up in great numbers during the primary and I think they are going to do it again because the issues that are really important in this election are really important to young people like bringing our friends and loved ones back home from Iraq and taking care of them once they are back, like education and making sure it is affordable, health care, and the environment,” she said.
When asked if America was ready to Sen. Obama as president, Tatyana said, "I think America is ready to elect a brilliant president, a president who actually understands what change really means. It comes from the bottom up and it takes people to be inspired. I think America does not want any more of what we've experienced with George W. Bush."

Tatyana Ali is very well spoken, very dignified, and has an excellent mind.

That little girl who played Ashley on "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" is 29-years old now!

(For more information about Tatyana Ali, visit http://www.tatyanaalionline.com/)
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