SOBWC II: The Role of Blacks in the Diaspora in rebuilding and fortifying Africa

The Pan African Policy Forum I: The Role of the Diaspora was an excellent forum with plenty of valuable information shared. Yes, it did start 45 minutes late, but why focus on the negative? (smile)

Moderated by award winning actor and outspoken activist Danny Glover, the forum discussed the role of displaced Africans in helping to build Africa.

This is not a difficult concept to understand. A portion of my forthcoming book "The Black Principle: Prepare to Rule" deals with the fact that Blacks in America can do for Africa exactly what Jews in the United States do for Israel. We can act as a social, economic and political support system that strengthens the diplomatic position of Africa on the world stage.

We can establish powerful and effective lobbying groups that look out for the best interests of our people at home and abroad. Every other group interested in self determination does it and we can too! In fact, it is an imperative. We must do it.

During the forum, Ambassador Dudley Thompson defined the term Diaspora as people of African descent who are not living in Africa and said that all Black people—especially in America—should refocus their thinking on their origins. “Think of yourself as a non-residential African who happens to be livings somewhere else,” said the 92-year old pan-African scholar pointing out that Africa's financial situation keeps it powerless and still victimized by neo-colonialism. “If you are broke, you cannot be free whether you are a man or a country and that even applies to large (African) countries under the control of multi-national corporations,” he added.

If you have ever been to a town hall meeting involving Black people, you know that it can turn into an emotional gripe session and once leaving, nothing new has come about. This forum had the potential to devolve into that until Amb. Thompson hit the crowd hard and said "We need to stop agonizing and start organizing."

Dr. Ron Daniels said, "You can have unity without uniformity." This is undeniably true. As long as the same worldview and objective is shared unity can be achieved. This is what is commonly referred to as "operational unity." White people and other ethnic groups practice it regularly. Black people do not. The time is now for this to change.

Taking in information at the forum were the legendary Dr. Conrad Worrill, our great scholar warrior Dr. Leonard Jeffries and his wife Dr. Rosalind Jeffries Elder Willie "Mukasa" Ricks, radio talk show host Mark Thompson (a.k.a. Matsimela Mapfumo)

In addition to Ghana that has offered dual citizenship to Blacks in the Diaspora, a panelist mentioned that if you obtain a DNA test and it shows that your roots are in Sierra Leone, they will grant you a passport and declare you a citizen of that African nation. Want to know more?
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