Updates: Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich Free on Bail

CHICAGO-Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich is now free after posting $4,500 bond.

United States Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald said the arrest was made to put an end to a "political corruption crime spree."

In the 76 page federal complaint against the Blagojevich you can read the sordid details. Once you see it, you will understand why there aren't many who believe that Blagojevich will escape jail time.

Pretty much everyone is trying to figure out the identities of the five [Senate Candidates] whose actual names do not appear in the report.   

In no particular order, the names bounced around have been, top Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett, Illinois Senate President Emil Jones, Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., and Rep. Danny Davis and Illinois Lt. Governor Pat Quinn.   None of the aforementioned individuals have been accused of any impropriety yet, however, strong circumstantial evidence is pointing to one individual in particular, who will probably be going down as more evidence is uncovered and released.

Pres. Elect Obama has not been implicated in any wrongdoing whatsoever.

Speaking at the press conference, Robert Grant, the FBI's special agent in charge in Chicago said at around 6AM this morning, they called Gov. Blagojevich.  Agent Grant said he woke Blagojevich up and let him know there was a warrant for his arrest.  He said Gov. Blagojevich asked "Is this a joke?" Grant replied no, and also said they wanted to do it quietly so as not to wake Blagojevich's children and with as little media attention as possible.  When asked if Gov. Blagojevich was handcuffed, Agent Grant simply replied "Yes, which is our standard procedure."

This is the second Illinois Governor in a row to have problems with corruption.  Mr. Blagojevich's predecessor, former Gov. George Ryan is currently in jail right now for influence peddling and corruption.

Here is a link to the federal complaint against Gov. Blagojevich that was distributed at this morning's press conference.  You can read the sordid details and experience the colorful language for yourself!

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