"Securitization as Satan" By Cedric Muhammad

My note: 

If we are ever going to grow beyond simply a casual understanding of things, we have to look deeper into what we think we know.  Some topics simply require detailed study and deep thought.  There are some concepts that are too complex, and cannot be grasped in sound bites.  

This is one of the reasons why I appreciate the work of my brother, macroeconomist Cedric Muhammad. I recently had the pleasure of interviewing him for an article which appeared in the Feb.24th edition of The Final Call.  Portions of that interview not included in the article will appear at a later date.

Black economists are few and far between. Cedric's unique analysis deals with the current realities while providing insight into what lies ahead. 

But, enough of what I think. Please read his article "Securitization as Satan" which deals with the real cause of America's economic downturn.  I know, the title of the piece is provocative, but if you regularly visit this blog, then you can handle it.  -A

"Securitization as Satan"
Cedric Muhammad

Also, You should visit his website BlackElectorate.com regularly.

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