NYOIL Speaks on Farrakhan's call to "Accept Responsibility to Build Our Community"

(Photo: Mikal Veale)

Ashahed M. Muhammad:
What are your thoughts on the message you just heard from Minister Farrakhan?

NYOIL: Well what I think he (Farrakhan) is doing at this particular point is delivering a message that requires us to consolidate. This is something that is important to my company, Petroleum Empire Media Group. It's constant consolidation, something that Dr. Ron Daniels taught me which was cooperation without conformity; which means that we don't have to bow down to the exact same thing but we can still cooperate and get things done. Working in that capacity, I just see that message coming across, the opportunity being present.

The Nation of Islam represents hundreds of thousands of brothers and sisters that would be the market that an artist like myself is looking for. The audience that I am looking to speak to and represent; the model of what conscious, cultural and positive teachings can be and mean for us. I just thought his message was phenomenal. When I first heard him at the State of the Black World II--live that is--he validated much of what I believed and he just continues to do so and he inspires me. I am ready to work harder. I am fired up and ready to go!

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