Mohammed Shafiq of The Ramadhan Foundation at the Durban Review Conference

Mohammed Shafiq, The Ramadhan Foundation

I interviewed Mohammed Shafiq right after the Iranian delegation's caravan pulled away from the United Nations on April 20. There were massive protests by Zionist organizations in response to the presence of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Mr. Shafiq, a prominent Muslim activist who directs the Ramadhan Foundation based in the United Kingdom shared his thoughts with me.

Ashahed M. Muhammad: So far, with all the controversy surrounding the presence of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, how do you feel about that?

Mohammed Shafiq: I am disappointed. Obviously, in the United Nations Heads of State have the right to come and make their speeches despite how objectionable they may be. I think the whole conference has been hijacked. I’ve just been with some of the demonstrators who are all White and this conference is for the elimination of racism against people of color predominantly in Africa and Asia and across Western Europe. These people (the protesters) will not be here tomorrow helping to put the strategy and agreement together, so I am disappointed and it shows you that people have hijacked this conference for their own particular agendas.

(Another portion of this discussion appeared in The Final Call, Vol.28 No.32. Visit The Ramadhan Foundation @ www.ramadhanfoundation.com)

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