An interview with Olinka Green - A sister soldier from Dallas, TX

(L-R) NBPP Nat'l Minister of Culture Zayid Muhammad, Olinka Green holding the mic and seated is Krystal Muhammad, another hard driving sister who leads the Houston chapter of the NBPP.


Her Name is Olinka Green, and she is a leader in the Dallas, TX chapter of the New Black Panther Party. She is an organizer, communications officer, field marshal, fundraiser, and a straight up sister soldier! This revolutionary sister is someone you should know. If something goes down, you want her on your side. And if something has gone down, she is down to ride! She is a representative of the emerging new leadership of the Black liberation struggle and I spoke with her May 24 at the 2009 Black Power Conference.

Ashahed M. Muhammad: In your view, looking back on history, what has been learned from the Black Power Movement of the ‘60s that is now being re-visited and with this Black Power Movement be different?

Olinka Green: I think what is going to be different is that we have a blueprint for what to do and what not to do. The situations that those brothers and sisters were dealing with back then were different from what we are dealing with. They did not have the technology, they did not have Twitter or FaceBook, or e-mail, blogs and cable television. If something is happening in our community, we now have the ability to shoot it across the wire. Back then if something happened to Huey (Newton) in Oakland, it didn’t get to other places until later on. So technology is totally different.

Ashahed M. Muhammad: I see…

Olinka Green: Police brutality has not changed, but we are doing something that our brothers and sisters did not have the technology to do. Another thing that we have that they did not have, we have strong Black bold lawyers like Atty. Malik Zulu Shabazz, who is not only articulate but he will tear them a new one. We had people like Thurgood Marshall, he was good but he wasn’t a warrior. We have more resources, we have more educated Black people. We just have the whole gambit.

Everybody keeps saying ‘well we have a Black man in the White House’ and that is all good and fine but he is still going to do his job. It is left up to us to do our job and we have to hold him more accountable than what those White people are going to hold him accountable for. Another thing that we have that they didn’t have in the ‘60s and the ‘70s is we have an idea of what we want. We are not the old Negroes, we are not the new Negroes, we are the new Africans. See they had to go from being ‘Colored’ to ‘Negro’ to ‘Black’ to be African. We are new Africans and we have more of a direct connection with Africa.

Ashahed M. Muhammad: Go further into that.

Olinka Green: We have our President whose father came from Africa, so to me, I sum it up like this, the son or the descendant of slaves has now come home and has taken over the place where the slave owners had conquered. So we have hope and we can see a greater vision for ourselves that our brothers and sisters maybe couldn’t see back in the ‘60s and ‘70s.

They had Dr. King and they had Malcolm but it stopped because they were assassinated. We do not play that now! We have a bold Black strong army so where we are talking about self-defense and all of that, we have self-defense of the mind. So that is the new theme. It is three-fold, we have self-defense of the mind, body and soul but we still have self-defense and you are not going to mess with us because we have that Black army that is trained, intelligent, wise and they are going to do their job.
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