Farrakhan and the Bermudian Press

A light moment before Minister Farrakhan is interviewed by ZBM's Rich Darby.
(Photo: Ashahed M. Muhammad

Hamilton, BERMUDA-After delivering a message to the people of Bermuda on Monday night, The Honorable Minister Farrakhan continued the very next morning in his work to bring peace and unity to this island of approximately 68,000 people.

He began the morning with back to back interviews, first with Bryan Darby, correspondent for VSB Radio & TV News (NBC) then immediately following that, he was interviewed by Rich Lathan, of ZBM News (CBS).

As the Bermudian journalists exited, and as we prepared to leave for the next event on the schedule, Min. Farrakhan asked me if I had any question for him, and of course I did! It was a wonderful opportunity for me to ask Min. Farrakhan questions regarding current global realities.

All of this happened before 1030AM!

My next post will deal with our visit to those incarcerated at the Bermuda Department of Corrections.


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