Farrakhan at Westgate Correctional Facility in Bermuda

Minister Farrakhan enters the yard to speak to prisoners in Bermuda.
(Photo: Ashahed M. Muhammad)

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan visited the Westgate Correctional Facility where he spoke to the entire prison population on the yard Tuesday, July 21.

What is easily observable is that the same problems existing among the poor in the U.S. are found among the poor in Bermuda; lack of jobs, lack of resources and poor educational choices. The prison population was 99.67 % Black. There was one Caucasian incarcerated at the facility we visited.

It was clear that Min. Farrakhan's 45-minute message to the prisoners impacted them positively.

After the Minister spoke, many of the inmates came forward to shake his hand and told him how much they loved him, respected him, and how much they appreciated his guidance.

I observed with my very own eyes the actions of a humble servant of humanity who cares for each and every individual, no matter what their condition, and loves them, no matter what type of bad judgement they have shown and despite the mistakes they have made. This is just one of the reasons why Min. Farrakhan's outreach and ministry is so effective, and whether you realize it or not, it is also an active demonstration of the unfolding of scriptural realities right before our very eyes.

This is just a small part of segment of the trip. Look for full coverage of in a future edition of The Final Call.

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