Desperate and Insecure: Whites See Country Slipping Away (FinalCall.com)


Here is what you will find in this issue of The Final Call :

Desperate & Insecure: Whites See Country Slipping Away
When a virtually unknown Republican Congressman, Joe Wilson from South Carolina shouted the words "You lie!" during a September 9 speech by Pres. Barack Obama, it was the latest example of the uncivil tone and rancorous atmosphere created by many of the president's opponents on the right.

Gadhafi: Love for Africa, or a Personal Agenda? Part I by A. Akbar Muhammad
Expert historical information and analysis regarding Col. Muammar Gadhafi, and his efforts to establish the African Union despite opposition. Col. Gadhafi is scheduled to speak at the United Nations on Sept.23.

Ludacris: We can all help someone.
Hip-hop artist Ludacris does his part to help others during these trying times by giving away vehicles through his foundation.

Ignorance, White Rage and Race Fuel Opposition to Obama by Dr. Ron Daniels

Liberation, Not a Fictitious Palestinian State
An analysis by Hasan Abu Nimah and Ali Abunimah

Message to the So-Called Latino
Real talk from David J. Muhammad
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