Saviours' Day 2010 is on the way!


Nation of Islam Marks 80 years in North America (FinalCall.com)

An excerpt from the article:

Dr. Aminah Beverly McCloud, a professor of Islamic Studies in the Department of Religious Studies at DePaul University and the Director of the Islamic World Studies Program, said the Nation of Islam's impact on America cannot be ignored.

“The Nation of Islam has been the most powerful and significant movement in this country by Black people ever,” said Dr. McCloud. “It is important that the face of Islam in America be an indigenous face,” said Dr. McCloud also adding that Black people who are followers of Islam have to have the spirit to work together to improve the conditions within the Black community.



Have you ever seen footage from 1978 when women & children from MOVE had a conflict wit Philadelphia Police? Then later, in 1985, they bombed MOVE members killing men, women and children.

Members of MOVE will be at Saviours’ Day 2010 to tell the story!

Watch some of the footage:


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