Interview w/ Dr. Cornel West at Tavis Smiley's "We Count" forum on 03.20.10

Interviewing Dr. Cornel West in the Green Room just minutes prior to the start of Tavis Smiley's "We Count" symposium on March 10, 2010 on the campus of Chicago State University. (Photo: Timothy 6X)


    Ashahed M. Muhammad: Dr. West I want to get some comments from you today here at "We Count" real quick on today Dr. West. First of all are you feeling and how do you feel about what is going to happen today?

    Dr. Cornel West: Well, I’m blessed; I’m blessed to be here. Anytime you come together and we are reflecting on how we engage the plight of poor people, working people and especially poor precious Black people. You can’t help to be fired up. We have Minister Louis Farrakhan, in the place, you have Brother Jesse Jackson, Sister Dorothy Tillman and others, it's a beautiful thing.

    Ashahed M. Muhammad: What are your thoughts on the contrived media controversy regarding calls for a Black agenda and competing agendas and all of that?

    Dr. Cornel West: You know the mainstream media will come up with any kind of strategy to down play the hell that Black people are catching. Anytime we try of make it a priority, they come up with some kind of strategy. We are just here to focus of the least of these; the brothers and sisters and the prisoners.

    Ashahed M. Muhammad: Coming out of this today, how would you judge this as being successful, after every thing is finished, said and done?

    Dr. Cornel West: I think if we can leave feeling inspired and empowered, feeling that we can go back into the respective context with a sense of unity and the sense of coming together and keeping the love at the center of it so that we are willing to fight and sacrifice for the poor and the least of these it would be a success.

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