This Week's Final Call Newspaper - The Great War, Obama, Catholics and the Synagogue of Satan

In this week's edition of The Final Call, you will find:

-Coverage of Minister Farrakhan's Saviours' Day follow-up message delivered at Mosque Maryam on March 14, 2010 titled "The Great War" in which he dealt with Iran, President Barack Obama, The Synagogue of Satan, 9-11, the War on Islam and America's future.

-Sins of the Fathers, Part III: A Crisis in the Catholic Church, the third installment of a Final Call series telling the story of Black victims of Catholic Church clergy abuse.

-An analysis on the pressure being placed upon Pres. Obama to respond to Black issues. This just days before the Tavis Smiley's big meeting in Chicago.

- Akbar Muhammad's analysis of the Western media's misreporting of Muammar Gadhafi's words on Jihad vs. Switzerland.

And more national and international news that you will not find in any other periodical! Spread the word!
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