ANC Message of Solidarity to ZANU-PF (Aggressive Land Reform Policies)

Message of Solidarity from the African National Congress to Zanu-PF on the occasion of the 5th National People’s Congress in Harare, Zimbabwe

Saturday 12 December 2009

Delivered on behalf of the ANC by ANC NEC member Tokyo Sexwale, South African Minister of Human Settlements

On behalf of the ANC and people of the Republic of South Africa, and on behalf of the President of the ANC, Jacob Zuma, the ANC wishes Zanu-PF a very productive and successful congress.

Zanu-PF played a very important role in bringing about an end to racism, colonialism, apartheid, and all forms of discrimination, and played a leading role in ushering in freedom and democracy in Zimbabwe.

Zanu-PF supported the ANC and all other liberation movements in southern Africa, in the quest for their freedom and democracy. It cemented political and other ties with the ANC and the people of SA. Therefore, the importance of Zanu-PF in the politics of Zimbabwe and the region cannot be overemphasized.

We trust that this congress provide s an opportunity for robust debate and introspection and will help to breathe fresh life into Zanu-PF.

It is also our sincerest belief that much thought and ideas will emerge from this congress including a leadership that will carry the aims and ideals of Zanu-PF to greater heights.

Key amongst these should be to advocate the interests not only of the party but of the collective citizenry of Zimbabwe and to continue to entrench the democracy which you fought for so tirelessly over the years.

We trust that Zanu-PF will stay on course in this regard mindful of the imperative to unite all Zimbabweans as one people even under these challenging times.

We hope that Zanu-PF emerges as a strong force from this congress to address the political and economic challenges that are facing the country. These challenges include inter alia the consolidation of political stability, economic recovery and development, poverty alleviation and to confront various diseases which are taking their toll on the people of Zimbabwe.

We in South Africa came to learn not to deny the realities and to shy away from the dangers of diseases such as HIV/AIDS, which took a toll on our people. Our leadership in South Africa has taken the fight against HIV/AIDS in particular to greater heights.

It is also our belief that the strength to be gathered from this congress will inject more life into the functioning of the interim government formed on the basis of the Global Political Agreement (GPA).

We as the ANC will continue to work with Zanu-PF and all other parties in the GPA. We wish to convey our sincerest hopes that Zanu-PF will lead the way that will ensure that the decisions of the GPA are implemented in full. We believe that the GPA has laid the basis of economic recovery and further development for Zimbabwe. We want to take this opportunity to appeal to the Zanu-PF leadership and all its members to support and chart a course through this period of negotiations that should lead to a lasting solution to the challenges that face Zimbabwe.

It is our considered hope that these negotiations should become a resounding success.

Our presence here as an ANC delegation is to send a message: that the ANC and Zanu-PF have been one throughout the period of the struggle against colonialism, racism and apartheid. The people of Zimbabwe and the people of South Africa, under the leadership of these two organizations, have emerged victorious against colonial oppression, to establish democratic rule in our different countries.

If things don’t go well in SA, Zimbabwe will be affected. Similarly, if things don’t go well in Zimbabwe, we in South Africa will be affected because after all, we are only separated by a mere river, the Limpopo. At heart, we are one people.

It is also important to engage in robust debates among one another as comrades, to criticize one another where we believe solutions can be offered in a constructive manner. Nelson Mandela always reminds us that the enemy does not criticize you — he wants to see you fail. Only friends can therefore level criticism on one another.

Our message at this conference, again, is to support your deliberations, express our solidarity with the conference, and wish you well and success in your quest to better the lives of all Zimbabweans and to consolidate your democratic rule.

Phambili nechimurenga


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