An International anti-censorship discussion on Mathaba

I just wrapped up an absolutely invigorating online anti-censorship discussion brought together by the Mathaba News Agency (Mathaba.net).

Panelists joining me in the discussion were Stephen Lendman, a frequent commentator and Mathaba contributor and Peter Hartung of the Adelaide Institute in South Australia.

Questions came in from across the United States, the United Kingdom and the Gulf Region. The moderator, Adam King, was excellent in keeping the discussion free flowing and on-topic.

An archive of the discussion (which lasted a little over an hour and ten minutes) is available @ www.mathaba.net/go/live under Completed Events.

Check it out, comment, ask questions, complain or whatever!

You can also do your part to spread the word.

The only way to get the truth out in a world built on the existence of falsehood is to keep telling the truth.
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