Outrage grows over Israel's massacre of Gaza aid workers

Protesters at NYC Times Square "Freedom Flotilla" demonstration, one of many taking place globally.
(Photo: Mondoweiss via Twitter)

Once again, Israel's military rides down heavy on a Gaza Aid convoy, however, this time, the military has reached new levels of bloodthirsty viciousness and arrogance as they kill at least 19. Almost instantly protesters began mobilizing in the United Kingdom, and other locations, including this photo from a mobilization and protest in NYC's famous Times Square.

I have been reading opinions and keeping updated by going to: http://www.mondoweiss.net and http://www.vivapalestina.org/.

I have also been watching coverage via PressTV and Al-Jazeera via LiveStation.

What Israel has done is revolting, however, the world is seeing it, and they will not main silent.
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