Shadia Mansour recently detained at Ben Gurion Airport in Israel

Shadia Mansour
(Photo: TEI Enlightener Service)

I want to pass on some information I received via email from Shadia Mansour's management company giving me some details on what sounds like typical Israeli human rights violations. Any body who is familiar with Ms. Mansour and her lyrical content, you may not be surprised by this, however, it is important for what took place to be known just in case something else happens to her or any other revolutionary artist who lines up on the side of oppressed people and gives a voice to those who cry out for liberty and justice.

Here is what I received from her publicist verbatim:

On Saturday, September 4, 2010, in Ben Gurion Airport, Israel. British-born Palestinian Hip Hop artist, Shadia Mansour was surrounded by airport security and "intelligence officers" armed with guns. Ms. Mansour was told to return to her luggage after a usual baggage x-ray and multiple searches, when eight agents ran towards her, weapons drawn and pointed, they aggressively kicked away her bags and surrounded her.

The eight agents had their guns pointed at Ms. Mansour while having her stand in the same position for one hour in suspicion of a bomb being planted in her microphone which they had in their possession for ten minutes already. Ms. Mansour assured the agents the microphone was used for recording music and was then asked by an officer to sing her lyrics to him, they screamed at her and asked "who she worked for, who bought the microphone, what does she sing about" and as the agents and officers shouted over one another she was also told, "we have found something planted in the microphone" all this transpiring while airport goers observed the entire ordeal.

Although standard for Palestinians to be strip searched upon departure of Israel, Ms Mansour was made to lay down on her back as female agents pushed aggressively into her joints and neck. Once the female agents finished searching her the microphone was returned and Ms. Mansour was directed to her flight en route to London as though nothing had happened.
Ms. Mansour told us "For a few minutes I really thought they were going to take my life, the way they handled the situation literally made me feel like I was an attempted suicide bomber that had just been captured or something". No legal action has yet been taken.

I will keep you updated.

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