Bev Smith Refuses to Bow Down to Jewish Pressure (FinalCall.com)

Bev Smith refuses to bow down to Jewish pressure

(FinalCall.com) --Recently, several articles have appeared in the Pittsburgh Jewish Chronicle criticizing the decision by radio host Bev Smith and American Urban Radio Networks for inviting Minister Louis Farrakhan to a March 11th Town Hall Meeting in Pittsburgh, PA. to discuss issues affecting the Black community.

In writings appearing in the Pittsburgh Jewish Chronicle over the past two weeks, its Executive Editor Lee Chottiner, Jeffrey Finkelstein, president and CEO of the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh and David Ainsman, chairman of the Community and Public Affairs Council of the Federation, were all critical of Ms. Smith and Pittsburgh's Black leadership for inviting leaders to discuss Black issues that had not been pre-approved by the Jewish community. 

If they thought their veiled threats would undermine support for the event, their efforts have backfired. It is being reported by the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review that there are no more tickets available to the event and, according to a spokesperson for the August Wilson Center, the nearly 500-seat auditorium will be filled with an overflow room set up in order to accommodate even more people interested in solutions to the problems plaguing Pittsburgh's Black community. 

On March 4, Bev Smith, who is spearheading the town hall meeting themed “The Disappearing Black Community” wrote an open letter responding to Jewish pressure for inviting Minister Farrakhan to the March 11th gathering. 

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