Louis Farrakhan on American Foreign Policy and Special Interests

Highlights from the January 1, 2013 interview conducted with the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan are available online. Here is the transcript from a question I posed to him regarding international affairs. Read it and share. It contains guidance for Republicans, Democrats, Tea Party members and all those who are concerned about America's future.

Ashahed M. Muhammad: "You've always spoken honestly and courageously regarding the hidden realities of America's foreign policies; you've discussed the unintended consequences of the so-called Arab Spring; the continued efforts aimed at regime change in Syria.  And as for Iran, the saber-rattling and continued drum beats for war.  How are we to view these global realities, these global events?  And what is the responsibility of the American people to speak out against these things that are done by the government in their name?"

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan: "The American people need to be awakened.  If the American people really understood how evil their government and its policies have been toward people not only outside of America, but inside America, they would awaken!  And out of them will come a 'patriot' who will speak Truth to Power to free their minds from the manipulation of those who are in positions of authority and power--but [who] are corrupted to the core by the moneyed 'special interests' that 'govern' the governors, 'govern' the senators; 'govern' The Government of the United States of America....And The Wicked, and the warmongers and war makers, and mischief makers will be set down; and a Brand New World, with Brand New Leadership that are rooted in Principles of Freedom, Justice, Equality and Peace, will be The Leaders of Tomorrow.  Let's prepare them today."


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