Dr. Boyce Watkins: ' U of Illinois-Chicago Tells Farrakhan and I That We’re Not Welcome on Campus'

The planned March 30 forum featuring Dr. Boyce Watkins and Minister Louis Farrakhan to discuss health, wealth, education and the Black community will be moved to another venue after, according to Dr. Watkins, officials from the University of Illinois-Chicago expressed "concerns." Several other organizations have been eager to host the event, said Dr. Watkins.

He writes:

"During the call, I was told that the forum we’d planned with Min. Farrakhan at The University of Illinois at Chicago had been cancelled by the university.  Apparently, there were some who were “concerned” about the minister’s presence, as well as the theme of the event.   I was a bit surprised, because it’s not as if anyone should be shocked that Farrakhan and I would be gathering to discuss black people, for that’s all we tend to talk about.  We’d met with university officials well in advance to tell them the theme of the gathering and our objectives.  So, there was nothing stealth about the event whatsoever, for we had nothing to hide."

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