Wise Intelligent as 'El Negro Guerrero' (The Black Warrior) drops April 23rd

Those of you who are familiar with my writings know that I am a supporter of those who use their gifts, skills and talents to inform, educate and mobilize. I have long been a fan of Wise Intelligent and I think you should give him a listen, especially if you are one of those people always moaning and complaining about the dearth of good quality Hip-Hop.

Intelligent Muzik proudly presents the highly anticipated NEW album from Wise Intelligent of the Legendary Poor Righteous Teachers. “Wise Intelligent Iz…EL NEGRO GUERRERO” (The Black Warrior) is the 3rd installment in Wise’s 7 CD “Back to School” Box Set. EL NEGRO GUERRERO is scheduled to drop on April 23rd 2013.

Throughout Wise Intelligent’s historic career as either a member of the Legendary Poor Righteous Teachers or as a solo artist, he has always crafted some of the most uniquely  socially relevant albums and songs of the modern Hip Hop era.

“Wise Intelligent Iz…EL NEGRO GUERRERO” (The Black Warrior) will be a watershed mark and a ray of light in today’s stagnant and bland musical landscape. This project will artistically be advanced placement class for lyricism and a call for Direct Social Activism!


1.     Robbers, Barons & Bankers
2.     The Plug
3.     Top 50
4.     I SAID IT!
5.     Get Higher
6.     Microphone Checkers
7.     Revolutionary Lover
8.     DOPE
9.     Being Black
10.   Rich Rapper
11.   Where Do We Go From Here
12.   Jose Cuero (interlude)
13.   Dreamerz
14.   The Walking Dead
15.   Another Day

(Follow Wise Intelligent  on Twitter @ http://www.twitter.com/wiseintelligent / http://www.wiseintelligent.com and subscribe to his youtube channel @ http://www.youtube.com/wiseintelligent)

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