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In a beautiful way, by focusing on the importance of scholarship, research and history, Minister Louis Farrakhan has shown the world (especially over the last 3 years) how to deal effectively with those who have masqueraded as the Children of Israel.

It is important that conversations (in person, online via FaceBook, Twitter or otherwise) related to the topic of the identity of the true Children of Israel not be allowed to devolve into slurs, insults and name calling by those whose zeal and enthusiasm is at times greater than their knowledge. There is no need for such behavior when you are in command of the facts. 

As Minister Louis Farrakhan stated, this is a public challenge, which means all should strive to represent the ideal, since your minds will be on display.

Over the next few days, I will post information regarding several books I'd highly recommend for those in whom there is a desire to obtain an overarching yet intricate knowledge of Zionist Power which is manifested demonstrably through Organized Jewry in America. 

Since we're all students, we should all share information with each other right?

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