Ever thought about a Tesla? Test Driven by Guest Blogger Erich Muhammad

Have you ever thought about a Tesla?
An electrifying driving experience like no other
by Erich Muhammad

The Tesla Model S
‘Those who say it cannot be done should stop interrupting those who are doing it.' 
~ Henry Ford, American Industrialist and Business Magnate

What would happen if you had the ability to traverse your environment in a comfortable luxury vessel with speed, agility, safety, room and silence. All without fuel or a train ticket? 
Although not a shiny spherical spacecraft the Tesla Model S supplies its occupants with an out of this world experience unlike any vehicle currently available on the market today.

Tesla Motors, inspired by Dr. Nikola Tesla, has an all-electric vehicle roster that includes the successful Tesla Roadster, The Tesla Model S and soon to be released utility SUV Tesla Model X.

The Model S is my new favorite automobile. As an admitted car junkie that is saying a lot! The Model S is what an electric car should be. Actually—the Model S is what an automobile should be. Performance, luxury, technology, beauty, functionality and fun in a vehicle that only needs gas stations for…nothing really.
This car is beautiful. The exterior lines and styling will satisfy the scrutinizing eye of most luxury automobile aficionados. With many color options, the Model S exterior and interior can be easily customized to reflect you.

With key fob on your person (which is fashioned like a mini version of the car) the chrome door handles silently slide towards you, as if to say “Take my hand, I’m about to show you something you’ve never seen.”  No need to fumble to meet key with ignition. As your body meets the pilot seat sensors in the car have now recognized your presence as its owner and has turned on preliminary power sources waiting for your commands and direction. The interior is clean, sleek, roomy and comfortable. This four-door sedan has two rear facing jump seats (perfect for children) just behind the middle seats.

The instrument cluster is a very well designed digital display that is easy to read and multifunctional. With premium seats, plenty of legroom and unmatched floor space your brain is almost done deleting any prior electric car myths and insecurities. Your radio, cup holder and ash tray have been replaced with everything… almost.

A 17-inch full touch screen display is silently awaiting you to access its world.

Power Consumption. Power Regeneration, Driving History, Battery Status, Door locks, Trunk, Gas. Charging Port Door (once plugged in, a soft strobe light indicates charge in process), Panoramic Sunroof, Up to Ten Mobile devices, Heat (seats), Air (seats), High Definition Back Up Display, Internet Browser, Voice Controls, HD and Satellite Radio, Air Suspension, and much more. 

The ride is everything you want in an automobile and nothing you have ever experienced. I was cruising just under 100mph and my friend in the back seat leaned up “Is that number in the middle displaying the current speed? Wow. I thought we were doing about 45mph or so.” This car is very smooth and responsive.
With a standard 208-mile range battery and optional 265-mile battery the Model S goes the distance and charges from a standard home 110 volt outlet or a 240 volt outlet. Tesla Motors currently has 16 Supercharger Stations in the States that will give you a 50 percent charge in 20 min. and a full charge in 75min. These Supercharger stations are solar powered and free for use to all Tesla owners. 

Tesla plans to build enough stations by the winter of 2013 for coast-to-coast travel.

Our current electricity is generated from Natural Gas, Hydroelectric, Coal, Oil, Nuclear, Wind, Solar, Geothermal and Biomass. The Human body and our natural atmosphere both have an enormous amount of unharnessed electricity as well. If you have anxiety about technology and electricity especially during a survival scenario continue to study the trends of energy consumption and energy production. If gasoline is rationed and you run out of it, you are truly without that resource.

Unlike biofuel and diesel, gasoline is not easy to produce at home. Electricity, however, is literally everywhere. We just have to remove the fear and harness it.

In addition, one last but not least very important point.

On August 19 The Tesla Model S achieved the best safety rating of any car ever tested, setting a new NHTSA vehicle score record.

(Erich Muhammad has worked in the construction, building, and community development field for over two decades. He is also an actor and studies engineering. Test-driving cars is just one of his hobbies. He can be reached via Facebook.)

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