Jasiri X - The Most Relevant Artist in Hip-Hop releases 'Strange Fruit (Class of 2013)'

Jasiri X releases his new video dedicated to the memories of Renisha McBride, Jonathan Ferrell and Kendrick Johnson, 'Strange Fruit (Class of 2013)' was produced by Religion and directed by Haute Muslim

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They say Jasiri X you preach too much 
I'm like Black people we asleep too much 
A Black President but he doesn't speak for us 
Another Black body lynched is not unique to us 
Meanwhile Kanye's rocking confederate flags 
Jay Z and Barneys going half on sweaters and bags 
It's not their fault it's ours all we measure is swag 
They getting money get money what's better than cash 
Forever in last riding in Berratas and Jags but don't crash 
If you do and need help don't ask 
Cause all Renisha got was a shotgun blast 
Just for knocking on the door left rotting on the floor 
Half her face gone but no one was locked up like Akon 
Black life comes with no insurance like State Farm 
Race wrong black people better put ya brakes on 
End up on a strange porch ended up as stained corpse 
Different city same sport 
It's not a accident if you hit the witness you aimed for 
Bullets left her face torn 
Victim in a race war make a nigga hate more 
Show up at that same door let that 38 roar 
What will be my fate Lord death by an officer? 
Who I ran to thinking help he would offer up 
10 shot to the chest stretched now they chalking 
Another black man looking fresh in that coffin or 
Beaten to my ribs cracked rolled up in a gym mat 
Blood on my kicks match police say I did that 
No crime the kids black cased closed casket shut 
But take his organs fill em with newspaper and patch em up 
Now tell me if that bullshit is matching up 
I know you just wanna see her twerking then back it up 
But that's what happens when we make our rappers leaders 
And our most intelligent just wanna be on TV speaking 
And they give reality TV shows to preachers 
and we think activism is Facebooking and Tweeting 
12 years a slave we still fighting for freedom 
Just look at the headlines seeing is believing
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