South Africa's Jamiatul Ulama on the passing of Nelson Mandela

On the Occasion of the Passing of Mr Nelson R Mandela
(For Immediate Release)

We condole the Mandela family and join all South Africans and the people of goodwill around the globe expressing sadness upon the passing of Mr Nelson R Mandela, an international statesman and the most recognisable global icon of the struggle for freedom and the restoration of human dignity in modern times.

Mr Mandela’s withdrawal from public life few years ago was a conscious decision and a mark of his greatness, yet a realisation that no matter how crucial the role he played was, there would be a time the nation and the world would be without him

He passed on the baton of leadership, leaving it to us to continue with the many struggles he courageously led by example in ending civil strife and seeking reconciliation. His qualities of humility, grace and visionary leadership set him apart among peers and he shall remain a source of immense inspiration for generations to come.

The world will forever remember him for his selflessness, spirit of sacrifice and sense of purpose which led the liberation movement to end the injustices of apartheid and make South Africa free. We shall remain indebted in gratitude to Mr Mandela for his contribution.

On the occasion of his passing, let us all remember Mr Mandela with dignity and in a manner befitting the remarkable attributes of his life through a renewal of our own commitment towards the ideals he lived for.

E.I. Bham (Moulana)
Secretary General 

6 December 2013
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