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The ADL's propaganda gave rise to Louis Farrakhan being called 'Black Hitler.' The Nation of Islam is not riding down on Jewish people like the Nazi's did, so why the lies?

How many Black children died because the ADL and Foxman fought to stop NOI Security patrols which made some of our worst areas safer?

Foxman and the ADL's propaganda is why we have to fight to reach our HBCUs & why many Black religious and political leaders remain weak

In the mid-90s the ADL wrote to presidents of major universities calling NOI speakers on college campuses 'a virus.' We were then banned.

Louis Farrakhan has never used his influence, which the ADL admits is widespread, to call for harming Jews, yet he's called a 'Black Hitler'?

If you read the Talmudic texts, you'd understand why Black life is considered to be worth very little in America.

These issues are dealt with in the book 'The Synagogue of Satan.'
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