Day One: The 23rd Annual UFO Congress Convention and Film Fest #IUFOC

UFOs: Separating Fact from Fiction

Open Minds Magazine is an excellent publication with interesting articles and high level sourcing. They are the “industry leaders” so to speak. They’ve taken a topic that has been marginalized and created a professional and informative conference for enthusiasts, researchers, and "experiencers" worldwide. 

I’m here in Fountain Hills, Arizona nestled beneath the beautiful mountains that surround the Fort McDowell Indian Resort and Reservation. The first day of this conference was information packed.
Ted Peters, author of the book “UFOs—God’s Chariots” spoke on the subject: “UFO Abductions: Are they spiritual?” I found it quite interesting that most of those who have what are called “abduction experiences” say what happened to them elevated them to a higher level of existence, or sense of self.

What has fascinated me the most is the theory that in most interaction with ‘UFOs’ it points to the existence of an exchange of psychic energy. Meaning, those who have seen ‘The Wheel’ or the smaller wheels have experienced a communication between them described as telepathic.

They often speak of entering into other dimensions, as well as an increased connection or unity with nature and the things around them.

Stephen Bassett director of the Paradigm Research Group, was responsible for the Citizens Hearing on Disclosure, which took place in 2013. He is also the co-producer of the documentary “Truth Embargo.” Mr. Bassett is a considered a political activist, and is on point as it relates to pressuring the U.S. government to share all that they know. I've published some of his writings on my blog.

Because of the fear of ridicule and stigma attached to those said to believe in the existence of ‘UFOs’ many prefer to keep it quiet. Their experiences must be made known.

I've observed thought interviews and discussions during the conference that of those who have had  sightings and abduction experiences, their stories share many the same descriptive characteristics such as:

- The existence of spheres emitting light from within
- If there are multiple aircraft, they are often flying in formation
- The sensation of “missing time.” In the mind of the abductee, it only took a few minutes, but when they come back  ‘down to Earth’ and regain ‘consciousness’  perhaps several hours or even several days have passed.
- Unexplained surgical cuts on the body
- The absence of gravity (or a floating sensation)
- The presence of vapor

Robert Powell, director of MUFON (The Mutual UFO Network) wrapped things up with a discussion of "UFOs & the Government: The Historical Changing Role of Government over Time."
He pointed out that the explosion of interest (from the U.S. government’s perspective) around the WWII period was high. He believes there has been a cover-up and it has been deliberate. 

While the government will downplay sightings in the public, in private, they are feverishly and vigorously conducting information and research.
“You have what the government tells the public, and then you have what the government does,” said Mr. Powell. Anything that cannot be understood to a primitive culture appears to be magic. The technology displayed by UFOs is clearly advanced technology, which appears to be magic, even to many of this world’s most knowledgeable scientists, he said.

He spoke very important truths, and said because of the arrogance of the American people and government, there is an “Anthropocentric” view that this is the only civilization, but there are others out there, and many groups such as SETI know it.
“We’re just not as important as we think we are,” he said to a rousing applause of the crowd of nearly 900.

I’m looking forward to an important panel tomorrow featuring Stephen Bassett, Robert Powell, Col. John Alexander and Timothy Good, author of “Above Top Secret.”

If you have any questions you want me to answer, or to present to the speakers or panelists, leave your questions or comments below. I'd like to hear from you!

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