Day Three: The 23rd Annual UFO Congress Convention and Film Festival #IUFOC

Open Minds Magazine is an excellent publication with interesting articles and high level sourcing. They are the “industry leaders” so to speak. They’ve taken a topic that has been marginalized and created a professional and informative conference for enthusiasts, researchers, and experiencers worldwide. I’m here in Fountain Hills, Arizona nestled beneath the beautiful mountains that surround the Fort McDowell Indian Reservation.

My day three update may appear to be unrelated to the subject of UFOs but once you finish reading it, you will realize that it is right on time.

Ben Hansen from the SyFy channel’s “Fact or Faked” is working with Bushnell delivering demos of their latest in thermal imaging & night vision technology. This equipment is invaluable for stargazers, sky watchers, hunters, and survivalists. The company is Night Vision Optics.

On the evening of February 14th, I joined others near the pool area at the Fort McDowell Resort. It was about 50 degrees, and with it being a Full Moon, the conditions were great. Out in the desert, even with the naked eye, the sky view is marvelous, but nothing could prepare me for what I experienced when I peeped through the eyeholes of the Night Vision equipment. 

Now, there are levels of this technology. This is military-grade technology.

An assortment of monoculars, binoculars and goggles were available for participants to try. There were also full-spectrum infrared, ultraviolet, and thermal imaging displays along with high-powered scopes connected to separate monitors for viewing.

You may have a high-powered telescope at home, or maybe even looked through something powerful at the office, but with the night vision tech, you really had the feeling that you could see into the heavens.

Upon questioning the staff, I was told much of this equipment is currently being used law enforcement agencies across the country, especially those who have problems with what they consider “illegal border crossings.”

The equipment is not cheap. I wanted to look through the most expensive one, and I was shown an awe-inspiring piece of equipment designed specifically for the Israeli military. (Yes. Exactly.) Pointed in the direction of a mountain in the dead of night, if there were people standing on the mountain, you could see their hand signals and almost an outline of their faces almost as if it was during the daylight hours. The price of the equipment? $40,000.

It made me think about what Minister Louis Farrakhan has said in the past regarding those out on the streets that have no idea what kind of weaponry and equipment is available to take you out. Our young brothers think they are sneaking around in the streets, unseen because it is nighttime and somewhat dark, when there is equipment that allows law enforcement, or anyone else to see them simply using their body heat from over four miles away.

Infrared light cannot be seen with the human eye, so you are missing a lot if you are sky watching with regular binoculars or even a telescope. Of course, now that this equipment is being made available for civilian use, you know that more powerful and sophisticated equipment exists, however, this equipment  will open up an entirely new world of vision to you. If you are a sky watcher, looking for aerial phenomena, your abilities will be greatly enhanced with equipment like this.

If you’d like to look at some of what I was shown, go to http://www.nightvisionops.com.

If you have any questions you want me to answer, or to present to the speakers or panelists, leave your questions or comments below.
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