Dr. Kevin Barrett and Richard Gage discuss 9/11 on 'Take Another Look' w/ Ashahed M. Muhammad

Tonight on 'Take Another Look' you'll hear from prominent author and editor of 'Veterans Today' Dr. Kevin Barrett. He's a vocal and outspoken critic of America's 'War on Terror' who is not afraid to name names. 

You'll also hear from the founder and director of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, Richard Gage. Both of these guests are sure to give you plenty to think about and research, especially as we prepare for tomorrow's worldwide commemoration of the 13th year since 9/11. 

#WarOnTerror #ISIS/#ISIL #EarlyWarningSystem 9PM-11PM Central on KNOW 1 Radio.

Two hours of high level information dissemination. 

Spread the word and join us! 

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