Long Range Acoustic Devices (Sound Cannons) and YOU!

Militarized Chicago Police Department personnel at NATO 2012 protests. (Photo: Ashahed M. Muhammad)

The first time I actually saw an ‪#‎LRAD‬ (Long Range Acoustic Device a.k.a. sound cannon) in person was during the ‪#‎NATO‬ 2012 protests in Chicago. It is a sonic weapon. When it rolled out, this girl started giving everyone in the area ear plugs. Some looked puzzled, but I knew exactly why she was giving them out. Things had escalated. We were on Cermak and Michigan and a few among the thousands tried to take it to the window breaking and fire starting stage in efforts to move energy in another direction.

The #LRAD was deployed by the CPD but they didn't have to use it. More battle ready troops like those in the picture above arrived, and they simply began beating protesters who would not comply and/or disperse. Neutralized the threat within three to five minutes. If you step into areas where protests are taking place, it is important for you to understand something: YOU may be 'peacefully' protesting, but the enforcers of the state are not prepared to 'peacefully' deal with you.They are wearing armor.

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