Wise Intelligent delivers his thoughts on #Ferguson #Garner #Justice and #Separation

Wise Intelligent
‪#‎HipHop‬ wordsmith Wise Intelligent sent me a comprehensive e-mail directly representing his views on everything that is taking place. These are straight words from a committed activist with boots on the ground in the field. He writes:

"YOU CANNOT REASON or NEGOTIATE your humanity with a nation of TERRORISTS! They quite frankly don't care, and history is clear on this fact. ...and to all the Black people with a 'good education' a 'good job' a 'nice home' and car (and the fear of losing what you 'worked so hard for') as the reason for your complacency and capitulation to all manner of injustice, none of that will insulate you or your children's children from the terrorism of these committed terrorists.

IN CONCLUSION if we are not afraid to launch and encourage mass protests across the country at the risk of being beaten, tear-gassed, shot with wooden/rubber bullets, possibly real bullets, handcuffed tossed into the back of iron walled wagons, and violently carted off to jail - then WHY ARE WE NOT AFRAID to face the same thing for withdrawing our tax dollars and support out of American agencies and institutions that do not have our best interest as part of its mission statement?

It seems to me that most of the protests and demonstrations are still hopelessly rooted in the failed precepts of integration. It appears we still protest with the desire to integrate into a white-American humanity qualifying standard? I mean we seem to ultimately desire to BE LOVED by an apparent ENEMY!" ‪#‎Separation‬
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